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Caramel custard - $7.50
Flan con crema, dulce de leche o mixto
Caramel custard with whipped cream or caramel or mixed - $9.00
Budin de pan
Bread Pudding with Raisins and Caramel - $7.50
Budin de pan con crema, dulce de Leche o mixto
Bread pudding with raisins, whipped cream or caramel or mixed - $9.00
Frutillas con crema
Fresh strawberries with whipped cream - $8.50
Compota de manzana con crema
Applesauce with whipped cream - $8.50
Queso y Dulce
Semi-soft cheese with your choice of sweet potato paste, with cocoa or quince paste - $8.50
Panqueque de dulce de leche
Caramel Crepe - $8.00
Panqueque de dulce de leche con helado
Caramel Crepe with one scoop of ice cream - $11.00
Panqueque de manzana con helado de vainilla
Apple crepe with one scoop of ice cream - $12.00
Ensalada de frutas
Fruit salad - $8.00

Ice Creams
Ice cream. Two scoops of a flavour of your choice: Belgium Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Dulce de leche - $7.00
Chocolate and Vanilla Tartufo - $7.50
Exotic Bomba
Mango, Passion Fruit and Raspberry covered in white chocolate - $7.50

Dessert Wine and Ports
Zuccardi Santa Julia Tardio 2007 - $8.50
Malamado Malbec Argentinean Port - $8.50
Dow's White Port - $6.00
Dow's 10 year old Port - $9.00
Dow's 20 year old Porto - $15.00
Dow's 30 year old Porto - $20.00
Dow's 40 year old Porto - $30.00
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